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Taylor Residential Test Kits

Taylor Test Kits   Taylor has long been known as the preferred brand of service professionals, and now our Residential Series™ test kits and sureTRACK® test strips are making a splash with homeowners and retail stores alike. Our Residential Series kits contain high-quality liquid reagents comparable to those within Taylor’s professional kits, but with instructions and dosage charts written in clear, nontechnical terms, plus the option to get reliable treatment recommendations using Taylor’s online water analysis program, sureTREAT™.

If your customers are looking for quick, easy, and accurate water tests, then our sureTRACK test strips are a great choice. Just dip the strip and within seconds the colors that develop are ready to compare to the printed-color standards on the package label. Rest assured, the dry chemistry formulations used in these test strips are as reliable as the chemistries used in Taylor’s liquid kits. There are several packaging options too, and our innovative, individually foil-wrapped test strips are a game changer in test-result consistency. Additionally, some test strip kits even come with a free phone app and user website.

The most accurate chemical additions start with confidence in test results, and the best way to build that confidence is with products that deliver again and again. We invite you to review our residential test kit offerings and let us know how we can help you sell more chemical. Now is the time to make your own splash!